Time for heroes: Dorothy Parker

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For many years now, I have had a wonderful imaginary friendship with Dorothy Parker. I'm quite sure that, if we had ever met in real life she would have hated me, but still that woman and her grim sense of humour have helped me a lot over the years.
Born towards the end of the 19th century in New Jersey, she was brought up in New York, a city she (like me) loved passionately. She lived in New York her whole life and made it the setting for most of her short stories. Like most extraordinary women, she was way ahead of her time, drinking like a man, sleeping with some of the most brilliant minds of her time and demanding rights such as being able to keep her maiden name even after she was married. She was one of the founding members of the infamous Algonquin Round Table, a place where sharp minds and creatives mingled and inspired each other greatly. She was close friends with F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and Charlie Chaplin, married three times and got fired from her own as a theatre critic fot being too mean to directors and playwriters. 
Until this day, her poems are very popular, but Parker also wrote many great short stories, that can easily rival those of Roald Dahl in terms of subtle malice.
There are several collections of her works, I got this one from my sister for Christmas once and it is great. Also, there is a great biography of her, written in German, that I can recommend. So get your read on, girls!

(picture taken from here)

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