The Importance Of Being Idle

When I was 21 years old, I had absolutely no problem whatsoever to not do anything for a whole day. Even a whole weekend. Lying around, watching telly and eating whatever the delivery guy handed me. I loved it. A lot.
In the past few years, I have become considerably worse at being idle. There are Sundays when I wake up at 8 in the morning, my head buzzing with ideas, and an itching in my fingertips to get the hell started. It's particularly bad in spring when the sun finally comes out. I used to hate that about my mum, because she would start cleaning the whole house at 7 am on a Sunday, when I just had managed to fall asleep after being out with friends. Now I can't stay in bed the whole day, even if I wanted to. I have to get up, do something and be active. Even if it is Easter Monday, everything is closed and everyone you know is busy having lunch with their families. I really hope that this is no sign of getting old and lame.


  1. Haha, mir gehts ganz genauso. Die Feiertage ziehen sich bei mir wie Kaugummi - und die kalten Tage genauso. Ich will nur noch raus. Ist aber vermutlich nur eine Phase, oder? :) LG, Lidia

    1. ich hoffe doch... wenn es ausreichend warm ist kann man sich ja wenigstens irgendwo in die sonne legen! :)