Ruadh gu brath.

Until a few years ago, I really hated my red hair. I actually dyed it black for many years. Until my fantastically honest roommate finally told me "It's looks stupid. Go cut if off and get your normal colour back!". I did as I was told, and after nearly two years of horrible, short haircuts, I woke one day to find my hair pretty awesome. By now it has grown long and shiny, and I don't have blue stained ears from all the hair-dye that I had to apply to my roots every 10 days. So I am no longer a closet redhead, but wear my red hair openly.
Funnily enough, I get comments on my hair colour nearly every week. Not only from people I know, but from complete strangers. And it's not any sort of positive or negative feedback, but usually goes along the lines of "Red hair, huh?!". Which is weird, because none of the people saying this actually have red hair themselves. They just want to state that they have seen mine. Of course, not all of the comments are that harmless. I have heard everything from "Witches have red hair!" to "If the roof is rusty, the cellar must be moist!" (which - by the way - is my personal favourite!) a thousand times or more.The only people that compliment me on my hair colour are my mum (who calls it "golden hair") and my hairdresser.
When I am abroad, I usually get mistaken to be either Irish or Scottish, which has an upside, because on St. Patrick's Day I never have to pay for a single drink if I dare to enter an Irish Pub.
Today I read that only 1% of the world's population have red hair. Which makes me part of a pretty tiny - and awesome - minority. Part of the Ginger Club. And to really confirm my membership, I just booked a trip my little (redhead) sister and I are going to take. We are going to the International Red Hair Days in the Netherlands this year! Every year, thousands of red haired people from all over the world are meeting up to celebrate being ginger. Last year, it was 14.000 redheads in one place. I am majorly excited about the whole thing! Although it might be a bit creepy, being in a town full of redheads...

(The title is scottish gaelic for "red heads forever", by the way...)

To top the whole thing of, here is a list of my favourite songs about red-haired people. There are really quite a few out there...

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