One day it will be your time, Ruthless, but it's not your time now. And if I was you, I wouldn't even bother lacing up those skates.

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When I was 12 years old, I went to watch "Spice Girls - The Movie" in our local theatre. I can't remember much of it, only the ridiculous outfits and the fact that Baby Spice had her own swing set on the tour bus. I am sure the storyline was ludicrous and the girl's acting skills less than mediocre, but I remember leaving the place with a big smile on my face. And for the past 14 years, I have been looking for another fuck-yeah-girlpower-film like this one. Last night I found it. Four years after it originally came out, I finally saw "Whip it". The film was directed by Drew Barrymore and is based on the book by the same name by Shauna Cross. It follows 17-year-old Bliss from a small town in Texas on her way to success in the tough world of roller derby. Despite a mother who would rather see her wearing pretty gowns on beauty pageants, she makes her way into the team and quickly becomes one of the best team members. And, of course, she gets the cute boy in the rock band.

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Of course this film is not Citizen Kane, it has a fairly obvious storyline and you will see a lot of girls with too much make-up, funny haircolours and fishnet tights rollering around a track while punk-pop-songs are playing. But it will cheer you up endlessly. Drew Barrymore stars in it herself, just like Kristen Wiig (who some might know from years of being on "Saturday Night Live" and starring in "Bridesmaids"), Ellen Page (the girl from "Juno"), the truly insane Juliette Lewis and late night talker Jimmy Fallon. Plus, I kind of liked the music. Sure, it sounds like a playlist composed by Joan Jett most of the times, but there's also Radiohead in there. And the Pixies. And indie stuff like Little Joy.

What I loved most about this film though, was that, despite this being a typical hollywood-ish quirky indie movie in which the hero usually overcomes a few obstacles and in the end he/she gets the pretty boy/girl and everything is peachy, it still depicted a lot of women and girls who would not conform to the rules and restrictions that society put on them. And - most extraordinarily - there were average looking people having major roles! Normal looking people, not the thing were a supermodel wears braces and glassed and in the last scene they come off and everybody realises that she is pretty. No, the characters in the film looked like misfits and weirdos, and I loved it!
This film made me want to join a roller derby team evry badly last night, even though I am a risk to myself and everyone around me as soon as I have shoes with wheels on them. So I just went to bed instead.

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