Let's all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born

Yesterday was my mum's birthday and, naturally, that was a cause for celebration. I went to my mum's place in the afternoon to have tea.

Here is a picture of the cake I made. It was a rhubarb-vanilla-tarte with festive decorations.

My mum's best friend had made this beauty. Per-fection!

Mum still had her Easter decorations up.

My sisters cats were snoozing in their corner.

After eating a lot of cake, we went on a little trip. My mum and her best friend have recently bought a house, which they are renovating right now. It still is quite a mess.

A picture of the birthday girl and our dog Molly.

Molly quickly got bored, so we went for a little walk.

My little sister in the woods.

In the evening, we went for some fancy dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the heart of the Black Forest. We have been going there ever since I was a little child.

It was quite dark inside, but cozy, since they only use candlelight to light up the room.

We discovered this one hanging above our table.

We drank to my mum. Champagne was in order.

Then, it was time for presents. My dad, sister, uncle, aunt and me gave my mum a roofed wicker beach chair, that you can find on any given German beach. In this case, she can put it in her garden and take her afternoon naps in it.

Since we couldn't bring the beach chair with us, she got a coupon in form of a picture of her in the chair. The lovely Karo from Take Care made it. Mum loved it.

My sister and I accidentaly had bought the same dress and wore it both by accident. Quite a surprise, when we took off our coats... My dad took this picture. I had a fair amount of red wine, and look a bit deranged.

Beautiful Friday.

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  1. Hallöchen :) danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog :) Porridge mit Nutella habe ich bisher noch nicht probiert, klingt aber sehr verlockend :>

    Das Foto mit dir und deiner Schwester im selben Kleid finde ich einfach nur klasse :D