Kyary in the sky with diamonds.

Last week I watched a documentary about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a japanese blogger, pop star and model. Two minutes in, I was quite scared that I might have the first epileptic seizure of my life, with all those colours and flashes and stuff floating around. Even though my pervert radar is often beeping loudly when I see pictures or watch Youtube clips of Japanese pop stars, and I wouldn't necessarily want them as role models for my future daughters, I nevertheless find them often highly entertaining. It's grown women, looking like little girls high on ecstasy. It's crazy!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is no exception here, quite the contrary, to be honest. But if you view the whole thing from a strictly artsy-fartsy point of view, it is unbelievably impressive what kind of massive show she puts on. It's fruit baskets as hats and glittery school girl dresses, pink wigs and false lashes, platform heels and neon petticoats. It's all so sweet and cute that it makes you slightly nauseous, like having eaten too much candyfloss. It's so sugary, it makes your teeth ache, yet you can't stop eating it. And yet everything in her videos is on the verge of being slightly creepy. Lady Gaga would kill for the kind of clothes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu probably wears to take the trash downstairs. This year a museum in Tokyo even had an exhibition with all the outfits Kyary ever wore on stage or in a music video.People were standing in line for hours to get in.

According to the documentary I saw, this girl is obsessed with the music of Marilyn Manson and Disney's Pinocchio, which - oddly enough - makes perfect sense. The music is, in my humble opinion, not really worth listening to, but ho-hey, that girl sure knows how to entertain her audience!

Pictures taken from here, here, here and here.

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