I do ... have no idea what to wear.

This year, I will be attending a number of weddings. At least one of them is actually good friends of mine tieing the knot, but most of them are people who hired me to be their wedding photographer. This is enormously fun and cool, don't get me wrong, but still - it isn't exactly "chillaxing" with your homies. A wedding is serious business and there are so many rules and oh so many things you can get wrong! Romantic comedies about bridezillas and catastrophic weddings aren't that far-fetched, to be honest. I have seen a few fairly "normal" ladies, losing it completely over the wrong colour of napkins. So, as a guest, or as the wedding photographer, you want to get it right. Because you want to be polite and not to add to the crazy amount of shit the bride and groom have to worry about, but also because you don't want the bride to tear you a new one!
So, take the correct form of clothing for instance: You can't wear black, you can't wear white, if it's in a church, you shouldn't be too naked, if it's 39°C outside, you shouldn't wear too much clothing. You shouldn't be too slutty and you don't want to look too uptight, in case there are handsome best men around. You have to wear shoes that are comfortable enough to get you through the day (and in my case: shoes that enable me to climb mountains, walk through grass, and stand in the middle of a pond, if the happy couple decides they want a "quirky" wedding photo!) yet they can't be sneakers or, say - clogs. And what do you do with your hair?!?! Do you wear it up, do you wear it down, do you wear a hat?! Can you even wear a hat to a wedding these days?

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Once again, I am deeply jealous of British women. They have a royal family to turn to for helpful advice. They can look at Chelsy Davy and say "Yes, this kind of orange skin hue is perfect for a wedding. I want that, too!". They can take one peek at Princess Beatrice's ludicrous (!) head-dress and immediately fashion themselves a similar construction out of a coat hanger and some barbed wire. They have Kate Middleton, who brought back sleeves and they have Pippas bum! They have a point of reference. I bet you could attend any given British wedding in a knee-length dress, pumps and a fluffy thing on your head, that looks like a cross between an actual hat and a flowery bouquet. I am quite sure though, that in Germany, this wouldn't work. At all. I know my friends. And I know that, if I ever chose to show up with a poufy fluff on my head, and a ridiculously tiny clutch bag, they would tease me until my dieing breath. So what to do? What kind of look should one want to acquire for such an enormously special day?
I guess, there is only one thing to do for me. Keeping a look-out for the perfect dress. Below are some of my favourites, but I haven't yet decided what look I am going for this summer. So I need feedback and opinions. Hit me, people!

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