I am so in love with Spring, with the warmth, the sunlight, the birds singing in every tree. Having the constant scent of sunblock waving around you, drinking ice tea in the outside area of some café. I wake every morning with sunlight bursting in through my window and birds chirping madly in the tree beside my house. And today I almost fell flat on my face, because I wasn't watching my step while I was taking pictures of the green that is exploding from every tree and every bush and the flowers that are shooting out of the ground. I am a bit obsessed with it all, to be honest. I wish I had a garden, or a terrace, or at least some tiny balcony to spend all of my waking hours on. Outside, where the air smells like the promise of a beautiful summer, long nights with people you love, with a cold beer in front of you and warm wind to whip your sweaty hair out of your neck.

Finally. Finally it is here.

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  1. Jule, you look at the world in a very different awesome way and I'm glad that you share it with us.