Yeah, I guess nobody is seriously surprised when I admit that I am a huge Potterhead, right? I mean, you've probably seen it coming, and rightly so. I am one giant nerd, especially (!) when it comes to Harry Potter. I have read every book at least a dozen times and listened to the fantastic audiobooks, read by Stephen Fry. I have seen the movies and afterwards I had heated discussions about every teensy tiny detail with my friend. I was unable to go to school the day after I found out that Albus Dumbledore dies. I cried my eyes out over Cedric Diggorys death (although, when he became a sparkling vampire, that kinda killed the mood a bit). I took the official Pottermore quiz to find out which house I am in (Ravenclaw by the way) and I seriously consider buying a Ravenclaw Quidditch sweater. I certainly tend to like people who tell me that they love Harry Potter more than people who don't. And I will force feed those books to my children one day and they will love it. Until this day, I will content myself with this beautiful present I got from my two best friends on my last birthday. A remote control wand which works on my telly and stereo. You swish it - and your tv set springs to life. You flick it - and the channel changes. Probably the best birthday present of all times. Ever. In the entire universe.

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