5 things I like this week

1. Oldschool labelmaker. I want to label the shit out of my posessions!

SIZARR - Run Dry (Official Video) from Sizarr on Vimeo.

2. The new Sizarr video. I had the honour of having a photoshoot with these guys and I have been in love ever since. Their new video is some sort of postapocalyptic Peter Pan scenario. Tiny bit creepy, but in a good way.

3. These sunglasses. Want.

(picture taken from here)

4. Game of Thrones. Thought my nerdyness couldn't get any worse? Wrong! I only started because I was sick and lying on the couch and coughing my head off, but now I am hooked. Big time. I'll probably die an old nerd-maiden...

(picture taken from here)

5. This super-awesome sounding new show, that's about to premiere sometime this year. Stephen Fry AND Ruper Grint in one show? Whaaaaat?! Yay!

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