Vive la France!

Since my hometown is really close to the French border, I took a trip there yesterday.

This lovely person picked me up after breakfast and we headed for a small town called Mulhouse, right behind the French border.

The weather was grey, cold and overall miserable, but we took a walk around the village anyway.

We went up crooked staircases...

...and got ourselves some lunch.

After a while it got even colder and really nasty outside, so we took the car to an enormous French supermarket.

We bought ourselves some delicious stuff.

And the world's smallest coke cans.

Then we drove back home. I had bought two enormous mega-macarons, so we made some coffee and had a proper afternoon break.

When my travelling companion eventually had to go home, I made myself dinner. You know, a cool, French one. Taboulé, baguette, goat cheese, dijon mustard with estragon, olives, radishes and a glass of red wine.

And macarons for dessert.

Lovely, lovely saturday!

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