The Rise And Fall Of Britpop

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Documentaries rule. If there was nothing on TV but documentaries I really wouldn't complain. It's where I get most of my education and knowledge from. For some time during the last years, I got so obsessed with well-made tour documentaries about bands and artists I like, I bought stacks of music dvds that ended up being sold on ebay - unseen.
The best documentary about music I probably ever saw is Live Forever - The Rise and Fall of Britpop. One of my closest friends showed it to me one evening, when we were sitting on his couch, discussing which movie to watch next. He is an enormous fan of Oasis and Blur and the whole Britpop thing, so he was really excited to show it to me. At first, I was a little sceptical whether I wanted to watch one and a half hours of people talking about something that happened sometime during the 90s in Britain, but I was close to a frenzy when the credits finally rolled. It is awesome! Super-awesome! And Noel Gallagher is in it! So get your parka out of your closet, dust of your supercool sunglasses and watch it!

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