The queen bee of lists

I love lists. About everything. So here is one ultimate ├╝ber-list for you. Since it's still pretty early in our blogging relationship, I figured you might want to know a few things about me.

3 things I like:

1. summer
2. carbohydrates
3. thrift shops

3 things I hate:

1. people walking reeeally slowly in front of me
2. uncooked tomatoes
3. ants

3 books I love:

1. To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee
2. Schloss Gripsholm - Kurt Tucholsky
3. How to be a woman - Caitlin Moran

(picture taken from here)

3 things I want to buy:

1. a car
2. a dog
3. a Mulberry Alexa bag

 (picture taken from here)

3 famous men I would want to get naked with:

1. the young Keith Richards
2. Ryan Gosling
3. Adam Scott

3 famous ladies I would want to go on holiday with:

1. Caitlin Moran
2. Miranda Hart
3. Amy Poehler

 (picture taken from here)

3 things I want to say one day:

1. "I do."
2. "Put your hands over your head, motherfucker!"
3. "Expelliarmus!"

3 things I want to do this year:

1. Finish my bucket list.
2. Lie in the sun.
3. Sit on warm asphalt, around 3 in the morning, drinking red wine out of the bottle with someone I like.