The pizza of gods and pink champagne

I received some really exciting news this week and so I decided to celebrate with pink champagne, homemade pizza and a few lovely girls at my place.

My little sister gave me champagne glasses for Christmas, and I've been wanting to try them out for so long now.

While the champagne (good golly, that shit is pricey!) rested in the fridge, I went to work on the pizza. I bought myself a pizza stone this week, which you can put into your oven and have a pizza that tastes like it was made in a real pizza oven. I was so excited to try it out!
My favourite homemade pizza has arugula, walnuts, honey and goat cheese on it, which some find that weird. But it is so good, that I am going to share my recipe with you!

The Pizza of Gods

You need:
500g wheat flour
1 pack of yeast
warm water
sieved tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
walnuts, roughly chopped
1 block of goat cheese (try gouda)

Start by washing the arugula, because it needs time to dry off properly. Once it is washed, shake it thoroughly and spread it on some paper towels. If it is still wet when you put it on the pizza, it will water it down to a soggy mess!

When the arugula is resting comfortably on its towels, you can start on the dough. Take the flour, mix it with 1 tbsp of salt and put it into a large bowl. Form a little pit in the middle and crumble up the yeast into it. Fill it with warm (not hot!) water and start to knead it all together until you have a nice, soft ball of dough. If it is a bit too soft and sticky - don't worry! The yeast needs enough liquid to work properly.

Heat up your oven to a balmy 40°C and place the bowl - covered with a clean kitchen towel - inside. You can use another kitchen towel as a wedge to keep the oven door slightly open. This ensures that the air can circulate properly, because yeast needs that to do its job, too.

While the dough is working, you can grate the goat cheese. I always use goat gouda, because it has that distinct "goaty" taste without being too intense.

Chop up the walnuts.

My pizza sauce consists of sieved tomatoes, mixed with 1 tbsp olive oil, salt, ground pepper and oregano.

When the dough has doubled its size (after roughly 30-40 minutes), take it out of the oven and knead the little bastard until the dough no longer feels warm.

Now you can roll it out. Some say you mustn't use a rolling pin, since you will roll all the carbon dioxide out of the dough, I say, do what is easiest! For me, it's the rolling pin. Then cover it with the sauce.

Sprinkle it with the chopped walnuts.

Then cover it all with the arugula. Much like spinach, it will loose at least 80% of its volume, once it is faced with heat, so be generous! Put the grated cheese on top. Then, it's time for some honey. Approximately 2-3 tbsp will do. Try to cover the whole pizza, it really won't taste weird, I promise!

Now it's time to heat up the oven to 200-250°C. If you have a pizza stone, too, it will take at least half an hour to heat up properly. During this time, the pizza can rest a while. This will make it extra fluffy and light and delicious.

When the oven is heated up, put the pizza in, until the cheese has melted and the crust is a golden brown colour.

Take out and enjoy! (Arugula that has been in the oven doesn't look as pretty as the uncooked version, but the heat makes it soft and yummy...)

Preferably with pink champagne, good friends and a reality show including Heidi Klum...