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I love buying clothes in vintage stores. Unfortunately there are only very few good thrift shops in my hometown, but whenever I am somewhere else, I go on the hunt. And when the cravings get too big and there is no weekendtrip to a vintage wonderland in sight, Ebay has to do. Still, without enough practising, it is actually quite hard to really find something great in second hand stores. It is very unlike "normal" shopping, where you have every skirt or dress or shirt in every possible size and often also in multiple colours. You really need some time to go through all the old things and for someone like me, who gets tired and moody after two seconds of shopping, it's really no cake walk! I always wish for some sort of Vintage Fairy, that sweeps out of the clothing racks and brings me all the clothes in the store that are actually my size and that I would like.
For those of you who live in Stockholm, this is actually coming true - well, sort of. Lovely Elsa Billgren is giving a vintage course, where she introduces her favourite vintage shops in the Stockholm area, explains the difference between vintage and secondhand (didn't even know there was one...), gives tips and teaches how to properly repair and wear a piece of clothing that has its own history. I am seriously jealous of everyone who can go, since I won't be able to be in Stockholm at that time. I'm sure, it is going to be wonderful! You can buy tickets to this amazing shopping trip, here (in swedish).

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