I'll be there for you - Why fictional friends rule.

For the past five years I have had six very close friends living in New York City. They are in their twenties like me and they live in the West Village. Their names are Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler.

I met them all during an unusually cold, rainy and overall gloomy summer. It was summer break, my roommate had gone home over the summer and I remember being a bit lonely and heartbroken over some boy. I had seen a few Friends episodes before, but had never really taken to it. Now, I was in it for real!
I watched all 10 seasons (each with ca. 24 episodes, every episode about 25 minutes long) in less than two weeks. I spent most of the day sitting in front of my laptop, watching episode after episode and eating large portions of nutella, drinking coffee and chain-smoking. My new friends were there for me. They made me laugh, they didn't push me to leave the house more than was absolutely necessary and I could pause them, anytime I needed a bathroom break.
And, over the years, they continued to be my friends. Every time I feel down or just a little blue - out comes the DVD set and I'm off. One of my best friends (who is at least as much of an addict as I am) and I can lead whole conversations solely with quotes from the show. When I moved to my new apartment and had to carry my new couch up 6 flights of stairs with a friend, I almost didn't manage, because I kept thinking "PIVOT!" and cracking up. Every time I apply lipstick I think "Ichiban - lipstick for men!". I am secretly (or not so secretly...) in love with Chandler Bing. In short: I'm a huge, fucking nerd!

Of course I would ditch my fictional buddys anytime a real friend rings up, but this is one of the great things about fictional friendships: You can totally do that, and nobody ever gets mad at you! Getting myself some fictional friends was really among the better things I did in my life. By now, I have a lot of them. You can find them anywhere. Like in books or tv shows or films. You can switch between their worlds, flicking in and out as you please. Seriously, you should get some fictional friends, too!

After a while, I adopted some more friends. Here is a list of my favourite ones from tv shows. We'll tackle books and films some other time...

Best TV Shows to provide you with a large portion of fictional friend material:

1. Friends - Obviously...
2. How I met your mother - Another group from this fictional version of New York City I love so much
3. Community - All completely bonkers, but loveable
4. Parks & Recreation - Same thing. Bonkers.
5. Scrubs - Having medical professionals as fictional friends isn't the worst idea. I learned so much.
6. Modern Family - Fictional friends need fictional family
7. Go On - Chandler Bing in an alternative tv show universe.
8. Happy Endings - Now I have fictional friends in Chicago, too!
9. New Girl - And in LA...
10. Hart of Dixie - And in fictional Bluebell, Alabama.

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