I feel like I'm walking 'round a ten feet tall

Living in a town that has a lot of cobbled streets has its perks. For one thing, it is extremely pretty. Also, it's a great excuse to never ever wear high heels. In the  - relatively shortlived - phase I wore heels (I was young and didn't know any better), I came pretty close to spraining my ankle most of the times I left the house. Even if you are more talented than me in balancing your body weight on two small pins under your heel, cobbled streets are the natural enemy of shoes. I would usually go through a pair of wedge boots (the ultimate compromise!) in half the time a normal person needed.
But the dream of being tall with endless legs persisted. So you can imagine my excitement when the flat platform heel got chic again. Finally, there was a safe way to be towering above everybody else and still feel your toes! Ever since Geri Halliwell rocked that Union Jack dress with the comically high white Buffalo platforms, this had been a look I wanted to "channel". Until now my quest for the perfect platform shoe has made me purchase about 5 pairs. And still the hunt for the perfect pair of high, high platform flats continues. Until I find a pair with a heel so high, you could actually sprain an ankle wearing them...

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