He's not drowning, he's waving.

Sometimes you have the enormous luck to see a band live somewhere, and they simply blow you away. Last year, I got extremly lucky when one of my best friends booked The Spring Offensive from England for two shows in Freiburg and Stuttgart. Not only were they among the nicest people I have ever met, but 15 minutes into their show I was weeping like a hysteric Bieber fan! After I saw them in Freiburg, I joined my friend on his trip to Stuttgart and watched them again the next night. I got so obsessed with their music that I even took a trip to London last November, to see them play live at St Pancras Old Church and to take some pictures of them. Thanks to my camera and a flash that wouldn't work, the pictures turned out to be horrible, but the concert in this tiny little church in the middle of London made my trip (which was quite horrifying apart from that...).

I have met more than my fair share of bands that tried to make it in this shark tank called the music industry, but I've never met a group of guys working so hard and being so professional. Their music taken by itself is already brilliant but they somehow also manage to have stunningly beautiful, genius music videos! I will have to post not only one but three, so you can see that I am not lying about this. Genius at work, people! Genius at work!

Spring Offensive- No Assets from Spring Offensive on Vimeo.

Not Drowning but Waving from Spring Offensive on Vimeo.

Spring Offensive's Homepage
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