5 things that make me happy this week

1. The new Woodkid album
Finally it is here and it is as awesome as you would expect it to be, after this guy released music videos so beautiful and well-made, you wanted to weep with joy and cry "Now THIS is a fucking music video! Put THOSE kind of videos on MTV and stop annoying us with that whole '16 and pregnant' crap!".
Anyway, I'm going as far as to say, that this will probably be one of the Top 3 albums this year!

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

2. Spring

Granted, it still snowed this week. It is still too cold to wear tights that are not made out of wool. It is still grey and dark out there. But this week my nose caught a whiff of spring. The first flowers are peaking out of the ground and you can actually sit outside (in a dufflecoat, preferably drinking a very hot beverage...). Spring is coming!

3. My new jeans shorts

They are high-waisted, they are black, they have a buttoned fly, they are awesome! And so tight they give me a belly ache. But nevermind.

4. Having too much wine and way too many cigarettes with this fantastic person.

5. Making a pretty garland for my kitchen. Good god, I've turned into a girly girl. But look at it, it is so pretty!

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