Monday List.

Aaaand it's time for your weekly list of awesome! Stuff I found online, that I really liked, and that you are now gonna see and think "Man, that girl knows what's up!". Boom - you're welcome!

1_ Otis Johnson went to jail when he was 25, and 44 years later was released. Now he has to adjust to the modern world. Probably the most touching 6 minutes of Youtubeclip I have ever seen.

2_ South Korea is the country with the most plastic surgery procedures per capita. That means: Almost everybody get's stuff "done". Here's a tumblr that shows before and after pictures. Which is weirdly addictive (believe me, you can not stop looking, even if you want to!) and also made me really sad. They all look so much like unhappy dolls in the end...

3_ So imagine my joy when I found out, that superhot James McAvoy and supersuperhot Daniel Radcliffe would be in a film together! Oh, how I dreamed about this film... Now it is out, and since I saw the trailer, my joy is a little dampened. It looks way too scary for me and Daniel Radcliffe looks weird with long hair. But anyways, here is the trailer to Victor Frankenstein, which - let's face it - I will watch, even if it gives me nightmares! (Because, to increase the general hotness of the film, MORIARTY FROM SHERLOCK IS IN IT, TOO!!!!)

4_ What would you do, if you weren't afraid? This girl does exactly that! For 100 days! Impressive, and a bit scary...

5_ Melissa McCarthy. Anything she does is hilarious. This film is on top of my list for 2016! Woop!

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5 things for Monday

It's time for your favourite list - the five things from the internet list. It's here to brighten up your Monday, to take your mind off work or other boring shit you have to do right now or to help you put the 'pro' in 'procrastinate'. Here we go!


I have been at it again, and now I am shamelessly self-advertising my newest product: It's a Hotline Bling Party Banner WITH a dancing Drake on each side. How awesome can your wall get?! Go buy it here and help me pay rent this month! Wooot! 

2_ It's Sally Field and Schmidt from New Girl and I will probably watch this and cry like a little bitch whilst eating chocolate ice cream with a soup ladle...

3_ It's famous landmarks in their actual surroundings. Quite eye-opening actually...

4_ End of the year mash-ups have become quite a big thing over the past few years. This one is a little over the top, as it combines 98 (!) songs into one big super-mash-up. The first minute is a bit annoying, but after that: Holy Mother of Moses - does it get good!

5_ There are few countries in this world that I find more horrifying than North Korea. But it turns out their interior design and architecture kinda reminds you of a Wes Anderson film. It's equally beautiful and creepy. Check it out here!

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"I am not afraid."

Many things have been said and written after the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. And I have heard and read a lot if it. On Facebook, on Twitter, on websites, on television and in newspapers. With tears in my eyes, sometimes with rage in my chest. I was angry when some idiots suggested that refugees and terrorists were basically the same. I was scared, when arsehole right wing politicians wanted all borders shut. And I was amazed by all the lovely, positive, heartwarming reactions from people who simply want the world to be a peaceful place for all mankind.

But I was also puzzled about the general outpour of "I am not afraid!" and "We refuse to be scared" comments on the internet. I don't know if everyone out there is so much more brave than I am, but to be honest: I am afraid. As fuck!

Almost five years ago, I stood on the exact spot a suicide bomber blew himself up, just minutes before he pressed the button. In the middle of high street in Stockholm, on a snowy, crisp Saturday evening, with hundreds of Christmas shoppers all around. If my feet hadn't been so fucking cold, I would have continued shopping. I would have been in very close proximity to the exploding pipe bomb strapped to his chest.

For weeks and months afterwards I was scared to go into places with a lot of people. I didn't feel safe in crowded clubs, in shopping centers or at the railway station. I was scared out of my mind that a bomb would explode somewhere, that something might suddenly detonate and I would be in the middle of a chaotic scene with blood and smoke and panic and dead people on the ground.

And - call me a coward - but I think this is a pretty normal reaction. If you know that there are sharks in the water, you don't go swimming with an open leg wound. You'll keep a lookout and maybe just splash around in the shallow bits close to the coast. It's not about bravery, it's about common sense! And, of course we are scared now! Because there are maniacs out there who think they will get an endless supply of fuckable virgins in paradise, if they just blow themselves into bits and take as many people as possible with them.

The thing is: fear is a good thing. It keeps you from doing stupid stuff. It keeps you safe and alive. It's a good thing to be a little scared because this means you probably won't be reckless. I agree with the lovely people on the internet who say that we will not, can not, shall not back down in the face of terror. That we should face it standing strong and holding up the things we believe in - freedom, tolerance, empathy and love. Absolutely, let's please all do that! But let's also stop saying that we aren't afraid. Being brave doesn't mean "not being afraid". It means that you do something, even though you are!


Show me what you got.

Since I got a shitload of awesome presents for my birthday, I thought I'd show off a bit and show yo some of the things I got from friends and family.

Since my old yoga mat has reached a biblical age and smells of feet and farts by now, my brilliant roomie Martina got me a new one - WITH A PICTURE ON IT! And not just any picture, it shows my favourite place in the whole wide world. Best yoga mat ever!

My friend Sophie meanwhile got me my very own customized zippo. Proving that she reads this blog and also gets my not-so-subtle hints that I wanted this for my birthday very much!

Just a few weeks back, I realized that I don't actually own all the Star Wars films on dvd. My uncle took care of that deficiency... (Yes, that is my light saber next to the dvd box. Yes, I am currently single.)

I also got some favourites when it comes to beauty stuff: Anything by Weleda is awesomepants in general and Burt's Bees are pretty much the only thing that helps my dry skin during the winter. 

A friend got me this teeny tiny gin bottle, filled with the best gin in the world. 

I also got a bunch of cool books. Pretty much the best thing you can give me as a present. Apart from booze. Or food. Or Ryan Gosling...

And my mum got me our traditional family gift of one kilo of gummy bears - assorted by colour. We are weird with food...

I also got a lovely Fred Perry skirt, but for some reason it didn't photograph well. So you just have to take my word for it.


I like big books and I cannot lie.

So, it's quite gray and windy outside by now. And I already miss summer like fuck! My favourite thing this summer was - like every year - lying around somewhere, with a cold drink within reach and my nose in a good book. And I read some spectacular ones this year. Here are a few that I recommend especially warmly:

Caitlin Moran - How to build a girl

“I wish I was Bill Murray. I hope everything I’ve read about evolution is wrong, and I eventually evolve into him. It’s one of only three plans I have.” 

Caitlin Moran is the author of my personal feminist bible "How to be a woman", but this new book of hers is strictly fictional. The novel follows the life of 14-year-old Johanna, who lives with her huge family in a crappy little house and tries to make it as a rock'n'roll writer. She also really, really wants to be a groupie - but in a feminist way. It's hilarious and very sweet and even made me cry a little in the end. Perfect book to read when you're ill and lie in bed and force your roomie to make you pumpkin soup.

Eleanor Roosevelt  - You learn by living

“Meeting smaller emergencies and learning to deal with them had given me the confidence to deal with this larger emergency. So, little by little, I found out how to do things. After each catastrophe you don’t worry so much the next time, and each time you emerge stronger from your victory.” 

I kinda did the "Let's read everything by strong ladies" thing this summer. This one was probably the most "American" thing I have ever read, but I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Eleanor Roosevelt was a pretty kick-ass politician, diplomat, activist, first lady and mother to a ton of children, she also might or might not have been secretly bisexual and she is just generally awesome and wise and infinitely cool. This book is a collection of wisdom nuggets. Not a crazy pageturner, but you can finish a chapter each night in bed and it will leave you with a feeling like you just got a little smarter.

Susan Jane Gilman - Undress me in the temple of heaven

“Everything became a metaphor, a talisman, a sign that I was still actually connected to people—that I wasn’t so completely on my own.” 

I speedread this book this summer, because it was JUST. SO. EXCITING. and I couldn't put it down. It's the true story of how author Susan Jane Gilman, after graduating college in the early 90s, went to China with a college friend. The country was just on the cusp of opening up for tourists and they arrive, completely lost, naive and overwhelmed by the whole thing. They get bullied by the Chinese authorities, get food poisoning and meet strange people who sometimes help them and sometimes turn out to be dangerous. And then, completely alone in a fairly dangerous country, Susans friend Claire starts losing her mind...

Martha Stout - The sociopath next door

“If, instead, you find yourself often pitying someone who consistently hurts you or other people, and who actively campaigns for your sympathy, the chances are close to 100 percent that you are dealing with a sociopath.” 

It's extremely rare that you stumble across a book that actually changes the way you look at the world. I had it happen to me maybe five times in my entire life. This is one of these times. Martha Stout is an expert on psychopaths - people who can't feel remorse, shame or compassion and she makes it really easy to identify sociopaths in your daily life. I read it on holiday and every 10 minutes I sat up and read a few lines out loud to my girls. The book also made me make a few decisions about which people to actually keep or cut out of my life. And - for a sciency book - it is impossibly exciting and easy to read. Buy it, read it, thank me later!


5 things from the Internet.

Because Tuesdays are the week's worst days and suck sweaty balls - here are five things from the internet, to brighten up your day!

1_ Kirsten O'Regan is a freelance writer and traveller and she recently travelled Iran all by herself. If you need something interesting to read during your lunch break: This is it! 

2_ My spirit animal Amy Poehler does a lot of things well. She is smart, she is funny, she is mean in just the right ways - and my homegirl can also sing! Yes, that's right: During a performance by Tenacious D, she showed up on stage, wearing a drugged-up-hippie-outfit and sang her heart out. What can I say?! She NAILED IT!

3_ Last week I saw this hilarious comedy documentary about Elaine Stritch, who died last year. I cried about 6 times and laughed about 24 times. It's not on Netflix, but you can stream it online and you definitely should!

4_ Elle UK recently photoshopped men out of various pictures, to show how few women are actually around. It's part of their #MOREWOMEN campaign. You should check out their video. It's quite shocking, actually...

5_ And last but not least: NEW PIXAR MOVIE! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

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Last Saturday I finally turned 29 years old. And so far, it's been quite alright, actually. I got a surprise singing-and-waving-sparklers-around-thing around midnight, I got a cake and a pretty pink tiara and also lovely presents and a shitload of nice people writing me messages and congratulating me. All in all: Not too shabby.

All that's left to do now is a few things I want to do before I turn 30. And I have an entire year to do them. Which means, I will completely forget about them, remember next October and then panic and try to do them in the course of three weeks.

The List of Doom (a.k.a. Things to do before I turn 30)

- Learn how to install a lamp
- Hitchhike
- Break into a public swimming pool at night and take a swim
- Make out in the pouring rain / during a snowstorm
- Milk a cow
- Throw a massive costume party
- Travel somewhere I have never been before
- Learn a new language
- ...

Alright, now I'm gonna need your ideas what else to do. I'm not gonna eat raw tomatoes and/or squash. Apart from that - I'm quite perceptive to pretty much anything!


Halloween movies for the easily scared

Aaaah, Halloween is upon us. Since October 31st is also my birthday, I'm not a massive fan per se, but I can see the appeal in general. And I can also see the appeal of scary movies, but I already crap my pants when I'm home alone and decide to watch a crime show. So, for all the other wuzzes out there - I composed a list of halloween films you can also enjoy if you are a scared little eight-year-old at heart. Enjoy! (Preferably on a grey and sucky day, with a hangover and a few cheeseburgers...)

The Addams Family

Hilarious, dark and from the 90s - what more do you want?! It stars Anjelica Houston as Morticia Addams - the mother of the family, and Christina Ricci as my personal hero Wednesday Addams. Basically, it's a family comedy in a fairly "goth" milieu. There are actually two films, "The Addams Family" and "The Addams Family - Family Values" and both are brilliant.

Death becomes her

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn - already two of my favourite women in the world, team up with a very young Bruce Willis and Isabella Rosselini in this masterpiece. Meryl Streep plays a vain actress, who wants to stop time and stay young forever. One night, the beautiful Isabella Rosselini shows up and gives her a magic potion, that makes her immortal. Unfortunately, Meryls old rival, played by Goldie Hawn also gets a sip of it and the two women are trapped in a sort of immortality limbo for all eternity. Superfunny and only slightly icky at times...

Dracula - Dead and loving it

Mel Brooks is the genius behind films like "Spaceballs" or "Robin Hood - Men in tights". Basically, the man is into parodies. And so this gem is a fun take on Bram Stokers classic about Transylvanian aristocrat Count Dracula. It stars Leslie Nielsen as Dracula and is the one film my little sister and I can quote word for word, because we have seen it a million times. My mother leaves the room, rolling her eyes every time we do, by the way...

The Witches

The only film in here that is strictly a kids film and coincidentally also the scariest. It's based on Roald Dahls book and is about a little kid who gets turned into a mouse by witches and tries to bring them down, together with his grandmother. I was so scared when I watched it as a little child, but I guess I could manage to watch it now. Maybe. If I wasn't alone and left all the lights in the house on.

Shaun of the dead

Already, maybe this is the scariest. It has zombies in it, and I hate zombies. But it also stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two losers who just want to survive the zombie apocalypse and is probably the most British film in the history of zombie movies.

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I'm the kind of roommate who will feed you Snickers Cupcakes for breakfast.

After my lovely roommate complained, that I never bake her any Cupcakes, I baked her a batch of her own choosing. She wanted something with peanuts and chocolate, and since I get weirdly competitive with everything and everyone when it comes to food, I made her Snickers cupcakes. And because I am a very nice person, I will now share my recipe with you. Y'all welcome!

The Absurdly Decadent Snickers Cupcake Extravaganza

You need:

100g butter
50g peanut butter
3 eggs
100g sugar
50g brown sugar
120g flour
4 Tbl cocoa powder
1 tblsp baking powder

200g cream cheese
300g dark chocolate

100g double cream
50g butter
150g sugar

mini Snickers bars
mini Marshmallows

Alright, it sounds really complicated, but it's actually not. Start by whipping up the eggs, the sugar and the brown sugar while you melt the butter and the peanut butter in a pot over low low heat. Mix the flour, the cocoa powder and the baking powder (i.e.: all the dry ingredients). Then pour the butter to the eggs and sugar and slowly put in the dry stuff.

Put the dough in cupcake liners and throw the whole shit into the preheated oven. 15-20 minutes at 175°C should do.

Slowly and carefully melt the sugar (I usually put in a little syrup or honey, so it doesn't burn too quickly) and in another pot, heat up the double cream and the butter. Then pour that into the molten sugar (it will huff and puff - just stay calm and stir the motherfucker until everything calms down!). Let it simmer for a little while and then take off the heat. You now have caramel sauce. Don't taste it - it is like lava and will burn your face right off!!!

When the Cupcakes are done, take them out of the oven and let them cool off. Then you put a hole in the middle. I use one of those things you can de-core an apple with. Works like a charm.

Now, the magic really happens. Take the mini marshmallows and stuff one of them into each hole.

Then cut up some mini Snickers and stuff a bit of that into each hole, too.

And then (because these cupcakes are insane!) you pour caramel sauce into the whole. Preferably, it is now warm but not too hot. The chocolate and marshmallows should only just slightly melt.

While you let the whole thing cool of, you whip up the cream cheese and the molten chocolate into a frosting. Wrap it in cellophane and let it cool off in the fridge. Then you put the frosting on top.

Decorate and devour. Might cause a massive sugar shock. But,...you know,...YOLO and stuff...


5 Things Friday

Oh yes, it's Friday. Which means nothing to me, because I am currently unemployed. But for everyone else, there a five things to shorten the wait until it's finally the weekend...

1_ Adele is back! No, let me rephrase that: ADELE IS BACK! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This morning, she was on the BBC1 radio breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw (another gay British man I want to marry...) and cried live on the air. And she presented her new song. And it's awesomepants. Did you hear me? AWESOMEPANTS! 

2_ It's Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. If you'd throw in Daniel Radcliffe and Miranda Hart, we'd have my perfect imaginary dinner party!

3_ It's 50 of the most powerful and important photos in American history. Very touching, very beautiful, very well done.

4_ Sandra Bullock could make a movie that shows her on the toilet for threee hours, picking her nose and drinking Diet Coke and I would watch it! But this new film actually looks promising even if Sandy was not in it...

5_ It's a raccoon who thinks she is a dog. I mean... isn't that so cute that you want to punch something or someone in the face?!  

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