Time traveling via selfie.

I always thought I hated the idea of time travel, but it turns out: I actually quite like it. Well, only the real kind that is...

November 2008

I had a pixie haircut (which I loathed) and went to see The Streets in Zürich. Together with my brilliant roommate and two other wonderful girls.

November 2009

I thought bows in my hair were a good idea. I also dressed like a little girl from the  prairie and took artsy selfies of myself in the bathroom mirror. Oh, the innocence of youth...

November 2010

More "artsy" facebook profile pictures. Oh well, at least I never participated in any kind of "girls gone wild"-bullshit I have to be embarassed about by now...

November 2011

Made Christmas cookies in my 50s-housewife-apron and generally dressed like I had just jumped out of an episode of Mad Men. Which I watched obsessively back then.

November 2012

I just came back from New York City, where a street style photographer dude from Brooklyn had asked me if he could take my picture while I was wearing this outfit. Naturally I wore nothing else for the next 4 months... (Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: American Apparel, Necklace: Marc Jacobs, Bag: Cambridge Satchel, Shoes: Urban Outfitters)

November 2013

Oh so many animal prints. And blissfully long hair.

November 2014

Found a piece of jewelry that fits my general mood. And I bet it would also come in handy in a pub brawl...



Perhaps unsurprisingly comes this statement: I love podcasts! Because they are my audiobook substitutes, when I'm too broke to buy new audiobooks. Because they make me want to take really long walks or clean my kitchen thoroughly, just so I can listen to them in peace. Because I acquired most of my Swedish skills by listening to podcasts. And because you can learn something new about the world when you're simply going out to buy toilet paper. I mean, how awesome is that?!

Here are some of my absolute favourites, so if you have a bit of free time this weekend, you now have something awesome to listen to. Your're welcome.

Sandra och Michelle
Language: Swedish

Sandra is a blogger and novelist and Michelle is her best friend and funny as fuck! They both actually are. And smart, and witty and really sweet with each other. They talk about everything and anything from New York to conspiracy theories and menstruation (actually: If you're only listening to one episode, pick the one about mensies! It's brilliant and funny and insightful and - well, just listen to it!!!). These two girls have saved my day many times!

Woman's hour on BBC
Language: English

Brilliant daily program from the BBC. It's about an hour long, they always have multiple topics and several guests. Sometimes it's really exciting and fascinating, sometimes it's a bit boring but it's still better than most other stuff out there!

P1 dokumentär
Language: Swedish

Bascially everything I know about anything in Sweden, I got from listening to these documentaries by the Swedish radio. They make amazing documentaries on crime stories, historical happenings and interesting people. Unbelievably good!

The Bugle
Language: English

My imaginary husband John Oliver runs this podcast together with his friend Andy Zaltzman. They're very funny, very British and very clever. Aaaah, swoon...

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5 things: The autumn flu edition

I have a raging cold. And I'm home sick for the entire week. Which menas that I am basically going up the wall because it. is. so. boring.

The only thing that really stops me from going completely bananas is the internet. And so I took it upon myself to pick out 5 things from the internet, that cheered me up during this very dark time...

1. I'm probably most thankful for Youtube. Seriously, what did people do before Youtube? Especially when they were so ill that they were sneezing over everything and had to gurgle with sage tea every 5 minutes?! Anyways, here's Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg making me wish that I was married to either one of them.

2. It may be embarrassing, but secretly I really love musical collaborations with a buttload of famous people all singing one song. That's why I freaked out over this brilliant clip by the BBC and that's why I know all the lyrics to "We are the world". AND THAT'S ALSO WHY THIS NEWS MAKES ME SO FUCKING HAPPY!

3. Since I like communicating with GIFs, this is perfect: 34 David Bowie GIFs for any occasion. Booya!


4. He can do a lot. He can do almost everything. He definitely can't pronounce "penguins".

5. Have you ever watched a Youtube clip and thought "Alright, so these people are surely dead by now, because they had a drug overdose or strangled someone in the psychiatric ward!"?! Well, this is what happens in this video. Also, fair warning: Do not watch if you're on medication or have just swallowed cough syrup. You will get nightmares.


I remember mama said you can't hurry love.

You know what's super-annoying?! Growing up and finally realising that your mother was right about stuff. That she was right aaaall along about stuff you simply refused to listen to and that she gave you amazing advice over the years, that you did not take and now you're almost thirty and don't have you life together and it could all have been so different IF YOU HAD JUST LISTENED TO HER!

Wow, this escalated somewhat. Anyhoo, I talked about this phenomenon with a friend recently and we started collecting all the amazing advice our mothers gave us. And today I am here to share it with you. Because our mothers apparently do know better. Which is a pain in the ass, since it's so much more fun when they're wrong.

(By the way, the picture above, on which I look like a red giant next to my tiny mother - we had just had a large beer together. I was hammered and feel asleep in the car about 10 minutes later. She was completely sober and drove said car home...)

1. "When it comes to winter apparel, there is no place for vanity!"

My entire teenage years I was freezing. Every year when winter rolled around, I started dreading every second of the day I had to spend outside. I would stubbornly wear my light denim jacket over a light cotton jumper, because that was an outfit that made me look thin and cute and also sort of cool. And sure enough - two days later I would lie in bed with a hot water bottle and my mother standing over me saying "I told you so!". Last year I bought a feather down parka. It is the warmest piece of clothing I have ever owned and the reason why I now can stay outside in wintertime. I look like the hungry hungry caterpillar in it, but really, who cares... (Actually I do care a tiny bit so please never ever take pictures of me in that damn thing or I will have to kill myself! Thanks.)

2. "Either he likes you or he doesn't!"

That's something my friend's mum told her and I think it's the best piece of dating advice I have ever heard. Either he is into you or he is not. It doesn't matter if you say something stupid or pick the wrong outfit or have lipstick on your teeth or accidentally laugh so hard that you fart in front of him. If he's into you he is, and if he's not - he's an asshat.

3. "A good sauce can make a meal!"

It really can. So start learning how to make a good sauce and stop using that generic stuff you can buy ready made!

4. "If you do a job, do it right. Otherwise it's twice the work. Once for you and then for the guy who has to do it properly!"

Since I started working at a real job I have found out that it's not only my mothers stance - it's apparently a common rule of the working life. Your future bosses will be impressed if you really act accordingly. Your studying time at university could have been reduced drastically if you had taken this piece of advice.  And Ron Swanson agrees, too. Well kinda...

5. "If these boys won't let you play in their treehouse - built your own treehouse!"

I was 6 years old and had built an amazing tree house with the boys who lived on the same street. When we were finished, the boys said that I couldn't play in the tree house since I was a girl. It was the first time I encountered sexist bullshit and the first time I spat in someone's face (it was disgusting. Even I thought so.). When I ran to my mother, crying dramatically, she simply told me "Well, then build your own tree house!". It is a distinct possibility that my mother simply wanted me to shut the fuck up, since she was bringing up two little girls and working full time and doing a lot of charity and community work, but she taught me something pretty amazing. If stupid people won't let you in on the fun: Make your own fun and make it better! (Just for the record, I never finished my own tree house, since I was shit at building tree houses. I made up with the guys and got to play in theirs. So maybe the real lesson is: Spit in peoples faces until they acknowledge you! ... No, that's probably not a good lesson. Never mind.)

6. "When you drink or do drugs at a party - it may be fun, but it's borrowed fun. You will pay for it the next day!"

Every time I wake up with a raging hangover I think about this sentence. Sadly, I rarely think about it the night before when I order my fifth gin and tonic...

7. "Eat your vegetables!"

Do it. You will feel good about yourself afterwards, most vegetables are actually delicious and you will have a "healthy-alibi". You know, when you're standing in line at Burger King and your inner monologue goes "Well, I had an apple at breakfast and a lot of greens and carrots for lunch, so it's not actually that unhealthy if I have a triple-cheeseburger and fried onion rings now..."

8. "Wear comfortable, warm shoes in which you can actually walk!"

I am convinced that I could have saved a fortune (!) on blistering plasters. I am also convinced that high heels are a violation to basic human rights. That said, I still buy shoes because I think they're pretty and not because I think they're comfy. But I'm getting better. And high heels are a bitch.


Life through my phone

I am a lazy bugger. We know this. So it's probably not really a surprise that my camera has been in the depths of my hand bag for the past two months and all I have done is taking pictures on my phone and putting them on Instagram like the wannabe-hipster I am.

But when I was rifling through them earlier, I discovered I actually did a lot of cool stuff these past few weeks. Let's have a peak.

I went to a wedding where they had one of these new polaroid cameras, that prints out tiny polaroid pictures. We were only supposed to take one each, but after a few drinks, we nicked the camera and took about 20. 

My little sister came for a visit and we went for a long walk whilst trying to be pretty, demure and stylish ladies. Didn't go that well.

Also got a visit from these beautiful people, who I hadn't seen in about a million years. 72 hours of pretty heavy boozing and actual muscle cramps from laughing too much. 

My birthday came around and my wonderful and lovely colleague did this when I came into the office at 5 am on my birthday... (Which made everything a little bit better!)

The evening came around with a lot of heavy drinking, a lot of lovely people in my sitting room and a lot of singing to the Spice Girls. Here's me pouring some drinks to go. 

I also got the funniest book of 2014 as a present and read it in the two-day-hangover-aftermatch of my boozy birthday. Whilst eating a lot of chocolate and junk food. And drinking coconut water. Man alive, drinking really isn't as fun any more...

And now it's back to work. Which really isn't that bad, when you get to work with these two lovelies and sit in front of a camera and talk bullshit about your smoking habits. (More on that soon...)


Put a bird on it.

Long radio silence here, sorry 'bout that. But, on the bright side, I've not just been sitting idly around drinking wine, I've done some pretty epic shit during the past few weeks. One example of my epic-shittery: I have gotten a new tattoo. And my lovely friend Caro snapped a picture of me during the process. (Which is the first picture I actually like myself in, so I'll share it whenever possible...)

I had an old tattoo on my wrist. Got that one when I was 20 years old, heartbroken and thought Oasis were the best band in the world (Which they were. At least for a while...) but now it had to go. Here's a last look at it. Bye bye..

Here's the draft on my arm. The tattoo guy is a genius by the way, if you're ever in Hamburg or he's doing a guest spot somewhere, you should go see him for any tattooing needs you might have...

Half-done (Hurt like a little bitch, by the way. I had a massive bruise underneath the tattoo for at least 4 days afterwards.)

And here's the finished result all wrapped up.

And finally: 10 days later. He's a sparrow and his name is Eddie. My mum's first comment? "Well. Not exactly tiny, is it?"


How I got emotionally invested in the lives of complete strangers.

Having your work day start at 6 in the fucking morning has many perks. ... Naaah, I'm totally messing with you - it sucks balls. Big time! And my body keeps reacting badly to it, even when I've finally convinced myself that it isn't actually all bad. My brain simply won't be rushed before 10am. And so I have large chunks of time during the early production shift, where I am simply staring into space. Or concentrating hard to not start drooling on the keyboard.

There are however a few things you can do to pass the time. And one of my favourite lifesavers is a lovely little site called Buzzfeed. Now - I'm not gonna explain to you what Buzzfeed is, I know that you know what Buzzfeed is (even though one of our interns didn't. She had never heard of it before. I seriously did not know what to do with this information.).

What I will explain to you, is why I am currently emotionally invested in the fate of two people who work at Buzzfeed. You see, I've started to watch Buzzfeed video clips. And I soon had two favourites among the many faces of the Buzzfeed staff. Ashley and Andrew. Some of you might know Andrew as "The Creepy Office Guy".

And Ashley as the genius behind many lovely clips like the "Channel your inner Beyoncé" one.

But my favourite, favourite thing is the two of them together. As the official Buzzfeed Office Crush Couple.

Well, their epic love saga has apparently had a few bumps in the road. And my new favourite "How to write Taylor Swift Song" suggests, that their office romance might be over. Which made me so sad, I actually had a dream about it last night (no kidding! I might need professional help...). Also: this tune is so unbelievably addictive - I've listened to it more often than any actual Taylor Swift song.

But I am still rooting for those two. Because it would make the internet a lovelier place. And also because I currently don't have enough tv shows to binge watch and I need my dose of fictional romance every week. So: Go Ashdrew! #teamashdrew


So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

It's been 20 years since my favourite tv show of all times aired. It's been 10 years since it finished. It's been 5 years since I discovered this gem of television history and it's been 2 days since I last binge watched some episodes to make myself feel better. Because everything immediately, automatically gets better when you get to hang out with Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe. Everything!
And since I am not alone in all of this, I have collected five things about my favourite group of New Yorkers from the internet. Could I BE any more excited?!

1. Let's start it off with a whole lot of Janice. I gotta buy a vowel...

2. And here's some classy art to go with your television obsession...

3. There's currently a pop-up shop in New York City that looks like the Central Perk coffeeshop. Which is where I want to be right now.

4. I know, I have posted this before, but there is no way anyone could not love the Chandler Bing song...

5. And of course that leads us to who my favourite character of the show is. Which - of course is Chandler. I mean, that competition is not even close...

And here's a little bonus: Oh so many Friends Gifs... 

(as always, click the picture for source)


5 things from the internet

Man alive, it's been a while since we had a random collection of fun things from the internet. But the internet is never on holiday, so there's a whole lot of new stuff out there and I am browsing the web endlessly in order to find them and show them to you (alright, I'm also bored at work sometimes...).

1. Glorious Aziz Ansari has a brilliant stand up program called "Buried alive". It's produced by Netflix, which is how I got to watch it. In it he talks about the obscene miracle called "men, randomly sending pictures of their penises to women they know". So much love for Ansari at this point!!!

2. I don't know about you, but I find the concept of time traveling deeply disturbing. Seriously, the only time I grudgingly accepted a time traveling storyline in anything was in the third Harry Potter book and even then it really gave me the heebie jeebies. It's just something about changing stuff in the past and alternate realities / parallel universes - basically, it's the reason why I continue not to watch Dr. Who. Anyhoo, the point of this tirade about time traveling: It seems like a few famous people have doppelgängers in the past. And that picture of Jay-Z... well, I'm pretty sure that time traveling actually played a role in this...

3. I'm not much a fan of zombie movies either, but the very funny Aubrey Plaza has taken it upon herself to convince me otherwise. Probably have to break my zombie embargo for this one...

4. Trevor is a regular guy. Just like anyone else, really. But there's one very specific thing that's setting him apart from us all. Trevor looks like Barack Obama.

5. And finally: Here's that sexually enlightened R'n'B song we've all been waiting for. Unfortunately I now have this stuck in my head... oh boy...


It's as if all the things I've learned have fused into a crystal universe spinning before me so that I can see all the facets of it reflected in gorgeous bursts of light...

I've read a lot of really great books this summer, but there's one in particular that I have to recommend to you right now: "Flowers for Algernon".

It's about Charlie Gordon, a harmless, nice guy with an IQ of just under 70. He lives in New York, works in a bakery and tries to "make himself smarter" by attending night classes. 

One day, Charlie is picked for an experimental operation. It's supposed to increase his intelligence immensely and it's already been succesfully performed on a mouse named Algernon. Charlie doesn't fully understand any of it, but he's willing to do anything to become more intelligent. Soon after the operation, Charlie starts making progress. 

With his heightened intelligence, Charlie starts to remember much more about his past. And he starts to realise, that many people he considered friends are actually cruel and mean to him, which puts him in a depressed and rather cynical state of mind.

Charlie becomes more and more intelligent and soon surpasses the scientists that performed the operation on him. But he also gets mean and snippy and feels betrayed by the world and everyone in it.

The doctors who performed the operation on him also fail to see him as a human being with feelings, which upsets Charlie, who just wants to find his place in the world.

Just when Charlie has finally settled into his new life and come to terms with the life changing operation he has gone through, Algernon starts behaving irrationally. It starts to look like the effects of the operation are wearing off. 

I am not going to tell you how it ends, or what actually happens to Charlie and Algernon. What I'm going to tell you is this: It's an awesome book, go read it now, thank me later!