5 things to brighten up bleak January


God I hate January. It's too dark, too cold, too bleak and all I want to do is to crawl up under a blanket and not see or hear the horrible stuff that is going on in the world and around me. Since I can't, I try to give myself a few tiny breaks during the day and look at happier things. Here are five of them.

1. A fairly short horror opera about Shia LaBoeuf. There is actually no proper way to describe this (because it is INSANE!), but it is oddly brilliant!

2. This is Pixel. Pixel is a French bulldog and has found his evil counterpart in his owner's cat. This video contains every reason I love dogs and despise cats. I mean, this cat is clearly an asshole!

3. How Rock'n'Roll Legends would look if they were still alive today. John Lennon is most shocking I think...

4. The trailer to "Mortdecai". It's funny, silly, it has Olivia Munn and Johnny Depp in it - I will most definitely watch it!

5. Aaand last but not least: Some designer is trying to make penises happen. Of course this is happening... I mean, we already had this...


Why 2015 sucks sweaty balls so far.

Last Friday a large portion of my favourite co-workers lost their jobs. The local tv station that was part of our company is now history, the people who have worked there for the past years (and in some cases: decades!) are now out of work.

There are no words to describe what happened on Friday, no words to describe the shock and the incomprehension. The weekend was filled with a haze of hours spent sitting together, drinking and chain-smoking and somehow trying to make sense of it all.

I have no idea how my working life will be,without these people within a few metres radius from my desk. My guess is: Not great. Yet I am deeply grateful that I got to know them, got to work with them and have them around for almost every day for the past year. Without them, the office already feels eerily empty.

These people were not so much co-workers as a weird kind of family to each other, fights and disagreeings about daily bullshit included. And even though I've only known them for a year and mostly got to watch from the sidelines, they have always welcomed me with open arms, invited me for beer and let me in on dirty inside jokes. You guys were a massive part of what made my job awesome!

I still don't quite believe that this is over.


There's a reason people fuck with us.

I like myself a good documentary. And sometimes, when I'm in the mood, even a weird one. I recently stumbled across this oddity by Vice on the internet and was instantly hooked. Slightly off-putting, it tells the story of the (apparently famous?!) ATL Twins. I had never even heard of them, but evidently they are a big deal in the US.

They are porn stars, actors and semi-pro skaters and are mostly known for sleeping the same bed, never being apart, dressing alike and fucking the same girls at the same time (at one point they were engaged to the same woman.). They also casually hang with Bieber and James Franco.

If you have 30 minutes to spare, you should watch the documentary below. It's a bit like a car accident, you can't really look away...

(as always, click on the picture for source)


Bästa kladdkakan med blåbär

Since I have a bunch of lovely people around me who like me enough to say nice stuff to me, I get compliments on a fairly regular basis. And the thing I most often get compliments for, is my baking. Which is a bit weird, because baking is really the easiest thing in the world.

But a lot of people I know claim that baking is really very complicated and takes so much time and they just suck at it. For these people (and of course for everyone else) I have now the fucking easiest recipe for the most fucking delicious Swedish chocolate cake (with blueberries) in the universe. And it only takes about 30 minutes to make. Seriously: a trained monkey could do this!!!

Kladdkaka med blåbär (Swedish Chocolate Cake with Blueberries)

You need:
110 g butter
100 g dark chocolate (If you don't have any: leave it out! who cares?!)
2 eggs
2,5 dl (or 240g) sugar
1 Tbl vanilla sugar
3 Tbl cocoa powder
2 dl (100g) flour
a handful of blueberries (again: If you don't have any - just leave 'em out!)

Alright, heat the oven to a balmy 175°C. Then put the butter and the chocolate into a pot and melt them over low heat. When they are liquid, you turn the heat off and let it cool a bit.

Stir up the sugar, vanilla sugar and the eggs until they are a bit fluffy. Mix the flour and the cocoa powder and stir it slowly into the egg-sugar-mass. Then stir in the butter. You are now done and it took about 10 minutes.

Pour the batter into a cake form and push the whole thing into the oven. The cake is perfectly done in about 13-15 minutes. Stick a fork into the middle of the cake after 13 minutes. There should still be A LOT of thick dough sticking to it. Otherwise it's a boring old chocolate cake. But if you take it out now, it will be gooey and chewy and a bit like a brownie and we want that! All of that!

Okay, so you take the cake out and let it cool and then you preferably eat it with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Or right out of the form while you watch a Sandra Bullock movie. Whatever works for you, honey...


We'll cut them a smile each.

New year, new tv show obsession. My newest addiction when it comes to watching shows is a stylish little gem called "Peaky Blinders" and it's produced and broadcast (surprise, surprise!) by the BBC.

"Peaky Blinders" takes place in Birmingham in 1919 (at the start of the series). It follows a group of men called the Peaky Blinders who get their name from their hats which have razor blades sewn into the visors.

They are a kind of mafia organization, operating in the worst parts of Birmingham. On their very front, their leader: Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy), a heavily traumatized veteran of WW1 who has a broken heart and can't get to sleep without his opium pipe.

(Another word about Cillian Murphy: Going into this show I scoffed at my friend who told me that this was the prettiest man in the whole wide world. After watching the first season in three short days I can now wholeheartedly agree with her. This man and his cheekbones of ivory make this show! Smoldering gazes, long silences and large tumblers of whiskey that are chucked in one go, plus the clothes which look at least as good as Sherlock's black coat and wavy locks. And the cheekbones, oh god the cheekbones... If you like handsome men and have some sort of libido, you will be like me and have to drink an extralarge Gin & Tonic during the most aesthetic sex scene of all times. I mean, look at the man! Good god!)

At the very beginning of the show, Tommy gets his hands on a buttload of stolen weapons and this causes a new, mean police chief with direct orders from Winston Churchill to come to Birmingham.

Also new in town is a lovely Irish barmaid with a secret past. And of course she is pretty and Tommy thinks so too. Intrigued yet?!

The whole thing is impeccably stylish and dark and exciting and intriguing and basically just awesome as fuck. The soundtrack is largely Tom Waits, The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys, which mixes surprisingly well with the 1920s setting.

So if you're like me and suffer from serious Sherlock withdrawal - the BBC has at least provided us with something brilliant to shorten the wait! As always: Go binge watch it now and thank me later...


Should old acquaintance be forgot.

Already 4 days into this new year, here are the lousy 4 pictures I actually took on New Year's Eve. Which - I guess - is a good sign, since I was way too busy having fun and so completely forgot to take any more.

The night started out with my lovely friend Nic hanging out at my place and helping me through all of this food and two bottles of champagne. Topics of conversation were plans to get filthy rich and take over the world with being awesome. So, basically the usual...

When we were already full and warm and cozy, we pushed ourselves out the door and went to a club, which was very fun. Look at the fantastic girls I got to spend NYE with! <3

After a bit of dancing, we ended up in an Irish Pub with a final glass of whiskey, some Tayto crisps and cute Irish boys to look at. Not bad.

But the real kicker came the next morning. Starting 2015 on the right foot. I think a hashtag is in order: #yummy

Here's what I did last year on NYE. 


2014. A list.

I traditionally end every year with a list. Of everything good and bad, funny and sad, brilliant and miserable. Here's last year's list, and here is the one for this past year. 

travelled: way too little. Only Denmark and a few day trips to France.
ate: Pasta five times a week
drank: lots of beer. 
listened to: Portugal the Man and Beyoncé. And also Taylor Swift in my darkest hours...
read: a lot, which I liked. Also started reading newspapers again, which is awesome.
watched: The Newsroom (awesome, awesomer, the awesomest!), endless reruns of Modern Family, Sherlock and as always: Friends

walked: anywhere I could.
drove: to work every day in my shitty little car. 
ran: up a hill and screamed at trees. I think I should patent that as a legit form of therapy for broken hearts.
sang: to any Adele song I could get my hands on.
made: a shitload of bad decisions and a few good ones.
cried: way too much. 
laughed: I think even more. So that's good.
met: unbelievably awesome people I now get to work with on a daily basis, one or two people who turned out to be lessons I had to learn, a few people that made everything really sucky and even more people that made everything so much better. 

lay down: at any chance I got. I think it's this "getting older" thing everyone keeps talking about. And getting up at 5am on a regular basis doesn't exactly help...
danced: on my best friends' wedding until the sweat ran and I stepped into some broken glass and bled all over the dancefloor. 
stood: at many ice hockey games and screamed my head off.
lost: my slacker attitude (well, for the most part...), a little weight, and for a period of time the belief that everything is going to be fine.
gained: many new friends, some wisdom (I hope) and the belief that everything is going to be fine.
best moment: standing next to two of my very favourite people and watching them get married. Cried like a little bitch.
worst moment: more than one actually. But you know it's really shitty when not even red wine will help. 
funniest moment: sitting next to my little sister in a barn in Denmark and watching some hippie band playing a song on spoons and a banjo and trying desperately not to laugh. Pretty sure I cracked a rib from suppressed laughter.

best concert: The Rifles. Especially since I got my favourite Rifles song dedicated to me. "This is for the lovely lady in the front with the cameras". Aaaah, swoon. Major groupie life goal achieved.
created: oh so many party banners to sell on Etsy, endless jokes for the hosts of our morning show and a new drink that combines vodka, ginger ale and cinnamon.
destroyed: some friendships, some illusions, a full set of wine glasses and one dress that I had to cut myself out of because the fucking zip was stuck.
done for the first time: signed a work contract, interviewed pro football and ice hockey players, spoke on live radio, was on television, lived through my teenage nightmare of bleeding through a white dress while being on my period.
done for the (hopefully) last time: tried to push people into saying and doing stuff that they clearly did not want, also some bad cases of girl-on-girl-sabotage which is something I will definitely never do again.

something new: my job, my Mulberry Alexa bag, my new sparrow tattoo, my ability to chuck a full glass of red wine
something old: still clueless. But a little less so, so that's a start I guess...
what I was thankful for in 2014: everything I have. Literally. My glass is not only half full, if I'm being honest.
what I want for 2015: being healthy (!) and happy and having the same for all the people I love. And much more snogging, please.


Spring. Spring så långt benen bär...

Yeah I know, Kickstarter campaigns have definitely reached the point where they're no longer an innovative, fun way to get cool indie projects realised but instead something annoying, that people you went to school with and actually hate pester you with on Facebook. BUT there is one project I'd actually like to see realised and so I'm unashamedly gonna do a little PR for them here on this blog.


The project in question is a tv show from Sweden called "Dom jävlarna ska skjutas" which roughly translates to "These devils shall be shot". It's a mix of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Kick-Ass" and the trailer looks awesome. The version with English subtitles is above.

It's a feminist kind of "Kill Bill" scenario in which a group of women who have all been subjected to sexual violence of some sort fight back and attack rapists. Their leader is a former state attorney who is frustrated with the law and the fact that a lot of rapists get off with little to no charges. The humour of the entire show is extremely dark and very over the top, and it looks like it could be a very cool project if it is realised.

Also - the amazing title song is sung by Seinabo Sey, who is probably the most interesting voice to come out of Sweden in the past few years...

You can (and should) go and donate on Kickstarter here.


All I want for Christmas are cheeseburgers that don't make you fat and world peace.

I don't know whether it has anything to do with getting older or the fact that I have an Amazon wishlist, but my Christmas presents get better every year. This year was exceptionally awesome, since I got a lot of things I wished for and also some brilliant items I didn't. Let's have a peek.

Two of the books that I got. "A mercy" by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison and a book about anarchy and feminism that my sister gave me. Made me giggle uncontrollably under the Christmas tree for a few minutes. 

All four seasons of the IT crowd on dvd and also the first season of Twin Peaks, which I haven't yet seen. Finally I can close this gap in my knowledge of pop culture...

New headphones, since my old ones are dying after 3 years of constant use...

My aunt gave me skincare stuff from L'Occitane, which I'd never buy myself, since they are shitty expensive.

And finally a pretty binder from my friend Nicole, so I don't forget to write a lot. <3

Also, the blanket in the background was an awesome present by my lovely mum. All in all: Extremely good turn out of presents this Christmas!


Poor Bob. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

A few weeks ago, I rediscovered one of my favourite dark comedies of all time: "She-Devil" with Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep. In case you have the post-Christmas blues, a broken heart, hate the entire world or generally feel like murdering someone - this is clearly the film for you!


The film centers around unhappy housewife Ruth, who is stuck at home with her kids while her husband Bob is constantly at work and clearly not interested in a happy family life with her and their children.

One night she attends a fundraiser party with her husband and meets Mary Fisher, played by the one and only Meryl. Mary Fisher is a writer of romantic novels and Ruth, who admires her, immediately embarrasses herself in front of her. Bob on the other hand, is instantly attracted to Mary Fisher, and she to him.

He ends up driving her home and eventually starts an affair with her. Ruth knows about this, but decides to wait it out. That is, until one evening when Bobs parents come for dinner and the whole situation escalates with Bob finally leaving Ruth for Mary. 

Shortly before he leaves he lists his four "assets" to his successful life: His home, his family, his career and his freedom. 

Naturally, Ruth decides to destroy all of them. 

The cast of this film is brilliant, the entire 80s look ages unexpectedly well and it never fails to cheer anyone up. It's the first film I give to any friend who just got dumped or screwed over by a guy and it's the best film to watch on a day when you can't be bothered to leave the house or your couch!

(All pictures are taken from here.)