I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo.

Finally some time to look through all the pictures I took on vacation. Somehow my life seemed a lot easier a month ago, but that's probably just the beginnings of my annual autumn depression talking...

Anyways: My summer holiday was (as you can clearly see above) awesomepants! Guest stars incluce my lovely mum, my lovely little sister, my lovely dog Molly, lovely Gabsi and Leif who invited us for dinner and red wine and music every second day - and also the massive lobster I devoured in under 5 minutes.


A song for every mood.


The best thing about Spotify (no, this is not a sponsored post...) is that you can create a billion playlists, so you'll have the fitting music for every mood you might find yourself in. This is one of my favourite hobbies (as you can clearly see - I lead a wild life of excess!!!).

I have picked a few favourites out of some my gazillion playlists for you to listen to...


Let's start with the best sort of mood: happy go lucky, yes-baby-it's-summer-and-everything-is-awesome mood. Here's a soundtrack for that:

Why this one: Because the video is almost as brilliant as the song. Also, it never fails to cheer me up.

Best line: "Do-roo do do doooo" (this song is clearly NOT about the lyrics)

Why this one: Because I once had it stuck in my head for two weeks and made all my girls listen to it, and then they had it stuck in their heads and we all became officially insane.

Best line: "I fell in love last night, and I was dancing the whole way home."

And here's the entire playlist:


If you ever feel like walking in the rain and sobbing hysterically, here's the perfect soundtrack for that...

Why this one: Anything by the Smiths goes, really. Because - as my friend Tom once put it: "No matter how crappy you feel about the world - Morrissey feels worse!"

Best line: "To die by your side - well the pleasure, the privilege is mine."

Why this one: Gets me crying every fucking time. Also - the band that created this sob-fest-bonanza is very much awesome!

Best line: "But I had the hand of a clock beating me." (actually all of the lines are great...)

And here's the entire playlist:


Sometimes, when I get seriously pissed off, I need to listen to something superangry to let off steam. Let the rage commence...

Why this one: Well, nobody is as fucking angry as the Antichrist himself. Anything from the "Golden Age of Grotesque" album and you can see me powerwalking up a steep hill and screaming at trees in the forest (You may think I am joking, but I am really not.).

Best line: Is actually not from this song, but from a song called "Use your fist and not your mouth" (aaah, the suggestiveness...). It goes: "Put it in your middle finger and sing along". Which is exactly what you want to do when you are angry. Oh Marilyn, you simply get it...

Why this one: Makes you feel really kick-ass. Every time.

Best line: "Don't go screaming if I blow you with a bang."

And here's the entire playlist:


Yes, "dance-y" is a mood. For when you need to dance intensively and immediately until your legs come off. And the more embarassing the music - the better!

Why this one: If you ever want to be seriously scared, you should put this song on and send me to the dancefloor. I will downright terrify you.

Best line: "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun, and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun."

Why this one: I can rap the entire first verse. Seriously. By heart. Also: I am a feminist and please don't judge me for this.

Best line: "Cause I'm long and I'm strong and I'm gonna get the friction on." (Seriously, never give me Tequila when there's an off-chance that crappy music might be played. I will get way into it...)

And here is the entire playlist for your next DANCING PARTY! WOOT WOOT!

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"Why is America the greatest country in the world?" - "It's not. But it could be."


A thousand years after everyone else I finally got around to watching "The Newsroom". What can I say - if you are prepared to shout at me for long enough, you'll eventually wear me down. And since I liked Sorkins "Studio 60", I was already intrigued.



So, on Tuesday night last week I sat down to watch the Newsroom, got completely hooked immediately and watched the stuff for 5 hours straight. It took me four days to watch all two seasons and now I can't wait for the third and final season to come out this November.

To sum it up in three words: IT'S. FUCKING. EPIC. It's witty, sarcastic, very funny, incredibly smart, nailbitingly exciting and also stylish as hell. It's journalism-porn - which suits me, because I am seriously psyched about working in journalism. Well, now I actually want to work in the Newsroom of the show and nowhere else, but nevermind...

The show centers around the news crew of a fictional tv channel and deals with real events that took place in the US around 2010 (at the start of the series). It has everything you need: great, logical characters, of course some love triangles (it can't just be about politics, after all...) and witty dialogue at bullet speed. The actors are all superb, the soundtrack made me cry three episodes in, and I honestly can not find a single weakness this show might have. It's just awesome. Period.

What's also interesting (and a bit creepy at that...) is that the show has a plotline involving the NSA and mass surveillance, which aired a good year before Edward Snowden even hit the spotlights. Either Sorkin is part of the spying network himself, or he simply has an incredible knack for topics that might become important in world politics. 

Either way: You should definitely watch this, even if you give a flying fuck about journalism. Simply because it's entertaining as hell and great fun to watch.

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There’s no starting over, no new beginnings, time races on, and you've just gotta keep on keeping on.

...aaaand we're back!

Hello lovely blog readers! It's been a while since I last posted something on this blog. Mostly because I was on vacation and din't have access to the internet for roughly two weeks (It was like being in rehab or at fat camp...). And - to answer the FAQ of holiday questions - yes it was lovely, the sun shone, the beaches were white, I ate a lot of fried fish and drank red wine and slept for 10 hours every day.

But to be completely honest: I have felt a little lost when it comes to this blog lately. There are a lot of things going on in my life right now (sounds super serious, but it's actually mostly boring shit like work and appointments and stuff.) and I don't feel like sharing too much of that on this blog. And when I come home in the evenings, I usually just want to put on elastic sweatpants and eat pizza in front of the tv. Being creative is too exhausting right now.

This doesn't mean that I don't want to blog anymore, it simply means that I won't pressure myself into writing an entry every single day. Maybe there will be just one every week, maybe two, maybe 5 on a single day if I feel like it. We'll see what the future holds...

Anyways, I hope you'll still hang around to enjoy stupid shit from the internet. Next up will be my holiday pictures and also videos of puppies and small children doing adorable things. Hooray!


I was scared of dentists and the dark, I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations,

MUSIC UPDATE! Whoohoo, so much music to show you. Man alive, after months of not finding anything new I love to listen to, here are finally, finally some new tunes to spice up your summer afternoons...

George Ezra - Budapest

Imagine my suprise, when I found out that George Ezra was not a bearded, 30-year-old hipster from Brooklyn but apparently a 12-year-old from good ol' Britannia. Either way, I love this song.

Marteria - Welt der Wunder

I was at one of his shows last weekend and am still pretty much completely fucked up (in a good way). I've rarely ever sweated so much during a concert. Seriously, it was disgusting. Awesomely disgusting! (Oh, yeah, and he's not exactly hard on the eyes either...)

Vance Joy - Riptide

Currently the best song my radio station (well, the radio station where I work as a trainee..) plays. Also: Men of this world - you can never go wrong with playing the ukulele. There isn't a woman in the world who doesn't immediately take off her pants when you start to play! Seriously!

Alabama Shakes - I found you

Play that song for me while I'm doing the dishes and you will find I easily and immediately transform into a very weird version of Janis Joplin (and that's saying something!).


Silence is boring, words are gold.

Aaaah Pinterest, the black hole of time. You have 10 minutes to spare and think it would be fun? Well honey, suddenly it's 3 hours later and you're still on it. Horrible, horrible website.

One of my favourite things on Pinterest is to collect quotes (No, I don't own a doormat with "Keep calm and carry on" on it, and hopefully I never will!). Well, good quotes at least. Not too cheesy, not too obviously new-age-y and just smart enough to make you ponder on them for a while. Want a taste? Here you go.

Aaah, so much wisdom. All the pictures are taken from here, which is my Pinterest board solely for wise epitaphs and quotes. Because that's how artsy-fartsy I really am. Yeah, so go be impressed for a a while!


In defense of Instagramming your food

There are a lot of things I am not exactly proud of (Little example: I stole a Kermit the frog puppet when I was in kindergarten, simply because the girl who owned it, was not letting me play with it. It probably still lies in its shallow grave behind the kindergartens garbage bins...Sorry Tanja. My bad.). Some things I am even ashamed of. But one thing that is definitely not on that list, is taking pictures of your food and then instagramming the shit out of them.

I love Instagram, even though the amount of pictures with the hipster-retro-filter-thing going on, has definitely reached a point where it's no longer fun but starts to piss everyone off. Especially since Lana del Rey decided to make every single one of her music videos look like it was made by putting Instagram filters on shots of her with her eyes half closed (yes, my Lana hatred is profound and still going strong!).

But back to the point: taking pictures of your food has become something that is universally mocked. There are tumblrs about it, there is a lot of hoo-ha about dinner table etiquette and I personally have my excuses already locked and loaded when I take out my phone and snap a picture of the awesome burger that the waitress has just put in front of me.

But to be honest, I'm honestly past the point of caring when it comes to Food-Instagram-Mockery. Why? Because you want to see pictures of my food, whether you like to admit it or not. Case and point: Jamie Oliver has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, and all that guy does, is snap pictures of his food! He does literally nothing else! And aren't cookbooks and food blogs just the same thing? I mean, you could get seriously inspired by my fantastic snapshots of carbohydrates in every possible shape and form! (Honestly, my own Instagram account could as well be called "An ode to the carbohydrate".)

So I'll be gramming all the edibles forever and always. Mostly because it's fun. But also because your envy at the massive burger I am just about to devour makes it all the more delicious to me...

More pictures of food - shortly before it passed through my gastric system, are to be found here.


Let's call this the comeback

Oh my, two weeks since the last blog post. This blogging funk is getting out of control. And I don't even have a good excuse, apart from: I honestly have no idea where the last two or three weeks went. I remember sitting around in the office, I remember watching the Gilmore Girls and that's basically it. So clearly, I am really living la vida loca here...

Anyhoo, I thought that since I love lists, a nice good list would be a good comeback. I (am a bit weird, so just go with it folks!) love to play the "If you could bring one {insert item of choice here} to a lonely island, what would it be?"-game a lot. So I thought maybe that could be the fun little list, that gets us all back on the blogging track. Yes?

If you could bring one ... to a lonely island, what would it be?

book: Depending on how long I'd have to stay on the bloody piece of land, I'd say something by Dickens. Maybe Bleak House, because that one is reeeally long and you need to be enormously bored to read it. When you actually get down to it, it's a brilliant book. Only the getting to that point is a bit annoying...

record: The Beatles - Revolver. Mostly because Good Day Sunshine is on it, and if any song can cheer you up after being stranded on a deserted island, it's probably that one.

person: Is it wrong to assume that Ryan Gosling knows how to build a raft? I mean, I'm sure he'd at least come in handy when it's time to fish for food or to build camp fires or ... other stuff.

item of clothing: Hey, if Ryan's there I'm going nude all day long!

bottle of liquor: If it's an island in the Carribean, rum would be fitting. Only that I hate rum, so I'm going with a very, very large bottle of very, very dry red wine.

personal item: Well, I was taught to always bring a large towel, so that's what I'd probably pick.

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“Dangerously well’— what an irony is this: it expresses precisely the doubleness, the paradox, of feeling ‘too well”

So, the season of driving the fuck far away and hide on a remote island for two weeks is upon us. And I am already hoarding books for August, when I get to lie on a beach for approximately 22 hours a day, with a book in one hand and a cool drink in the other. Since my brain pretty much goes into overdrive when I'm on holiday and I tend to stare blankly at stuff a lot, I need books that even a gorilla could read. Only problem is: I hate really obviously stupid books.

So far, I have a picked a few new books that I am hopeful are good, and also a few all-time favourites to re-read this summer. And in case you need some inspiration for your holidays (or your lazy afternoons at the pool), here you go:

Robert Galbraith - The Silkworm

Second one that J.K. Rowling wrote as her alias "Robert Galbraith". It's a crime novel, so it's no Dickens or Shakespeare, but Rowlings ridiculously thorough, detailed way to narrate stuff is basically a guarantee that this will be as awesome as the first one.

Oliver Sacks - The man who mistook his wife for a hat

I actually found this one in a bookshop and started reading it right there. And I did that thing, where you laugh out loud to the entire room and little children start to stare at you, fear etched into their faces. So I bought the book and hurried out of the store. Now it's in my "books for the holidays" box and awaits reading. It's written by a neurologist who recounts stories of his old patients. Which sounds slightly creepy, but is actually superfunny and very well written.

Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse Five

I'll finally read this one. My best friend said it was one of the best books she had read in a long time, so her word will have to suffice for now.

Tony Hawks - Round Ireland with a fridge

It's exactly what it sounds like: Some bloke lost a bet and has to travel around Ireland with a tiny fridge in his luggage. I read this book while on holiday, when I ran out of my books and my friend's mum lend me one of hers. I wasn't convinced at first, but after 10 pages I was hooked. Awesome book!

Here are some other books I can only recommend. And also here.

(pictures taken from the Amazon links above)


The ultimate #TGIF post.


Man alive, another week passed by without having blogged a single fucking time. Having a week with the early shift at work really sucks the energy right out of me...

BUT, alas, the internet is there to cheer us all up. So many cute kitten Youtube clips, so many Sherlock Memes. So much to shorten the hours until it's finally the weekend!

For one thing, you can just piss around on Buzzfeed and also learn something in the process. (Insert "Mind blown" GIF here)

You may also read an interview with my spirit animal and personal hero Caitlin Moran.

You can watch this incredibly cute Porcupine eat some pumpkins.

(Seriously, did you know that anything could make these sounds? I mean...really?!)

Some journo-humour: Reporters having bad days in front of cameras. Man alive, my job suddenly seems so chill...

Alright peeps, have a lovely weekend and next week I'll hopefully have the time to blog on a daily basis. Or at least I'll try...

Now let Mr. Idris Elba sing you into the weekend!

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