Cover me up.

So, since this is a particularly slow Thursday and tomorrow is a holiday, let's enjoy some music. Cover versions of awesome songs to be precise. Here we go, children. Here we fucking go!

Jake Bugg covers Oasis' "Slide Away"

Even though I love Oasis, I was never particularly fond of this song. Now I am. I really, really am.

Spring Offensive cover Drakes "Hold on - We're going home"

These guys. They never do anything I don't love, and this one is no exception. And I don't even like Drake.

Frida from ABBA covers David Bowies "Life on Mars"

Kitschy but great. Life on Mars in Swedish. You knew?!

Ed Sheeran covers Snow Patrols "Chasing Cars"

Jep. That one's supercheesy. But so so beautiful.


Why I hate being "a blogger" sometimes.

Let's be honest for a minute. Blogging is a pretty selfcentered, selfish, arrogant thing to do. At least in my case. I basically just share stuff about my own life, things I like and opinions I have, and expect you to read it and click the "Like" Button a lot. It's a quest for validation, pretty much 24/7 (by writing this, I am of course much better than all the other bloggers, because I am so self-reflexive about it all. Boom.)

But apparently, it's not enough self-validation for some, because now there is a documentary about rich, white, young, attractive women in the US, who make a living out of blogging about fashion and cupcakes and their children. The filmmaker that made this, is the husband of one of these blogger ladies and has decided to make a documentary about this "movement". Because apparently, it will "change the world".

In case you decide to watch the trailer - fair warning: it will piss you off greatly. The sentence "If we experience something and we don't share it - why experience it at all?" alone, makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit...

American Blogger Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

Someone has written a great article about it, which you can read here.

- thanks to the lovely MissCaro for showing me all of this!


The day a 7-year old made me cry

I know, I know, videos of casting show contestants, that look like nothing and then blow you away and you start to cry, are super lame. Super lame. I get it.

BUT - please meet Angelina Jordan. She's seven years old, my new style icon (Teeth! Hair! Dress!!!) and from Norway. She also sings like an angel. If that angel was superawesome at singing, constantly drinking whiskey and from Alabama. I actually thought this might be a hoax, since there is no way a tiny child with funny teeth and lovely dresses can sing that well. But apparently, it's for realsies.


We're burning down the highway skyline // On the back of a hurricane that started turning // When you were young

I recently started reminiscing about a time, a few years back, when I worked as a DJ with my three best guy friends. We had a (fairly legendary, if I may say so...) party called Gute Musik, which was always very loud, very awesome and completely overcrowded.

I remembered the sweaty nights behind the turntables, the horrifying smell of the tiny club we were in, the cleaning at six in the morning, the heavy speakers we had to lift up two flights of stairs afterwards. I remembered all the people I met, the times we played Oasis' "Don't look back in anger" as the very last song of the night, and everyone stood on the dancefloor crying, hugging and making out. I remembered the piss-warm beer we drank, the crazy amount of cigarettes we smoked indoors and the broken toilets without any toilet paper. I remembered the times we were sitting at the door, close to tears because we were so tired and so drunk and just wanted to go home. The times with heartache and drama and hysterical fits of laughter. The times I stood next to the guys, Oasis welling up in the background, the crowd singing along so loudly that you couldn't hear the actual song and I remembered looking at my boys and thinking "This is what I will remember, when I think about my twenties."

It was the best, worst thing in the world.


Now you know that the time has come // and they said it would never come for you

This week is my week off (because visitors and family action and stuff...), and because life can be really sweet sometimes, it's also been nice and warm and sunny (well, mostly...). Which means I get to sit outside with people and chat about nonsense and drink beer and eat street food and talk some more nonsense. Which is all very much awesome.


Three favourites.


1. Lykke Li - Little bit

There is nothing about this, that I don't like.

2. The Love Punch

Watched this one for breakfast today. Lovely, lovely Emma Thompson. ♥

3. Liz Lemon (who is my spirit animal by the way) giving awesome life advice.

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You had nothing on you by my bedroom door.

Exactly nine years ago, on April 7th 2005, I went to see a show by a Swedish band we had started listening to a few weeks earlier. They played a gig in Strasbourg, which is only a short drive away, so me and my two best friends got into my car and drove there. We thought it might be kinda cool. We went inside, the lights went out and about two hours later, we had become insane.

It's been nine years now, nine years of driving to concerts 500 miles away, nine years of buying everything they ever released, nine years of spending more money than strictly necessary on trips to festivals. Trips, during which we slept in my car (which was tiny) and had breakfast at the side of the Autobahn. We knew every song by heart, had our own private release party for one of their albums, wrote their song lyrics in our diaries (as one does, when 19 years old and pathetically overwhelmed by emotions...). We were obsessed! I mean, I had their goddamn band logo tattooed on my ankle, for crying out loud! (Kids, don't get a tattoo when you're under 20. Just don't.) We got leather jackets, exclusively fancied guys in skinny jeans (still do, by the way...) and started using the words "rock'n'roll" in everyday conversations.

And even though I no longer have to listen to them every single day and don't start squeaking and screaming when someone mentions their name, I am still truly grateful for having discovered them.

Without this band, I wouldn't know my closest friends, I would never have started to work in a record shop, never gotten as obsessed with music as I am now. Without them, I would have missed out on many adventures and not experienced a bunch of incredible, amazing, batshit crazy stuff.

So, thanks guys. I know you're into techno music now, but: long live rock and roll. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

And we'll collect the moments one by one // I guess that's how the future's done

This Saturday was my mum's birthday. So my little sister came all the way from Berlin to surprise her.

We got ourselves ready for the big day by trying on the ridiculous platform heels I bought last summer. We pretended to be the Spice Girls, which kinda helped...

Then we went to my mum's place to get everything ready. Only to discover, that she'd already done everything. Including weird 70's party food...

Our dog pretended to be starving.

After a while, the party was in full swing.

So much so, in fact, that this somehow happened.

Then I introduced some popular culture into my family. 

And when the grown-ups were drunk enough to tell everyone really embarassing stories about me as a child, I went home to welcome my girl Ella, who's staying with me until Wednesday. But that's a story for another day...


5 things from the internet


It's Friday and officially my last day as an intern, so I'm gonna get a little bit shitfaced tonight. Only problem is, that it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and I have to be in tiptop-shape to meet the entire mishpuke... Jeez...

Anyways, here are some things I found on the internet and liked a lot. Here we go.

1. Children get to script a blind date and two actors act the whole thing out. I seriously want to go on a date like this...

2. Not strictly from the internet, more like on the internet (because I put it there...): A picture of me, interviewing Vegar Eggen Hedenstad. That happened, so..., yeah. My life's pretty alright right now...

3. One (very brave) woman tried out every food-based sex tips mentioned in Cosmopolitan. With mixed results. I cried laughing.

4. A little girl called Emma walks her horse. The horse is called Cinnamon. And Cinnamon and Emma are best buddies. Oh sorry, I think a bug flew into my eye. Excuse me for a second...

5. In case you haven't yet watched it - you really, really should! A whole first season to bingewatch! Do it, do it now!

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And there ain't no shame // everybody's waiting for a sunny day

Yesterday it smelled like summer. And something deep down inside of me stirred for the first time in months. I breathed in and it smelled like grass and sun and warmth and joy and a big smile stumbled across my face and settled there.

They say, that a new mother gets some sort of birth amnesia after her baby is born. She forgets how much it hurt and how miserable it was, because no woman in her right mind would ever get pregnant again, if she remembered all of it. I get the same thing with winter. I forget how dark, cold, wet and miserable it really is and by the time November rolls around, I'm actually giddy with excitement that it's Christmas soon. I forget that after Christmas there will be four months of disgusting weather and darkness.

By January, I am in full hibernation mode. I never leave my couch, I never go out. I only lie under a blanket, bingewatch tv shows and eat hot pumpkin soup. That's all I do. All I am able to do. But then - the sun comes out again. And then it's the first day, you have to take your jacket off outside. The first day, your feet sweat inside your trainers. The first day you sit outside with someone and drink red wine and walk home in the dark, with only a cardigan slung over your shoulders.

I never ever tire of this. The warmth, the sun, the barbecues. Even the mosquitos, the suffocating heat during the night, when you kick away your blanket and simply lie on your bed, sweating into the covers. I never tire of summer. Because when summer is gone, I am half-off. I am on standby mode. I cannot be bothered to do anything but function. It's when the warmth comes back around, that I feel alive. That I feel like I want to go on adventures and travel and do a thousand things before I die. Yesterday was the first day, I felt like that in a long time. Yesterday, it smelled like summer.